Financial Wellness

Did You Know?

High levels of financial stress manifest not only through physical symptoms, but also through mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. These issues in turn impact financial wellbeing, and the cycle goes on and on.


Our focus on your Financial Well Being allows us to identify and modify extreme money beliefs, resulting in the ability to integrate new financial behaviors which enhance financial well-being, increasing credit scores and overall debt.


Handmade Natural Organic Scented Candle

A sensory form of mental health therapy which creates a beloved practice for setting an ambiance anywhere. Calms the mind and has been proven to be useful for the treatment of depression and anxiety. These scented candles can improve moods by inducing calmness and helping to alleviate symptoms of stress.

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

is the ideal stone for cultivating a productive mindset, motivating you to chase down your goals relentlessly. Tiger Eye is a warm, radiant stone, with powerful energy that resonates with the frequency of the earth. It increases personal power. It protects against negative energy. It promotes taking action, helping you to accomplish goals and make decisions without fear and anxiety.

Handmade aromatherapy shower steamer

infused with essential oils to relax, energize, uplift, enchant, de-stress and soothe your soul. Your shower is a refuge. You go there to think, to relax, to prepare yourself for whatever comes next—and it works. Open one of these essential oil steamers in your shower and open yourself to a real reset.

***Bonus - Financial Wellness

As financial worry impacts your physical & mental health, it also affects your ability to work or have good relationships with friends and family. All these things can further add to your finance problem. Get free financial and credit assistance for one month to help you develop a scheme and plan to get your finances in order.

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