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Mental Health & Wellness Therapy

My Well Being

One-on-one psychotherapy for adults 18+

$150.00 Starting At

Kid Space

Individual psychotherapy for youth ages 5-17 years old.

$175.00 Starting At

Just The Two of Us

Psychotherapy for adult romantic partners aged 18+

$200.00 Starting At

It Takes A Village

Group Therapy for up to 4 individuals aged 5+

$150.00 Starting At

About US

Mrs. Stephanie Massiah-Luzunaris

Life is not easy, it is full of joy, pain, sadness, obstacles, and successes and everyone has a story to tell. You may be looking for relief from life’s daily stressors, anxiety, or trauma. Please know there is hope. Together, through counseling, you can begin to feel better in times like these as well as other transitions in your life so you can begin a fresh path. We implement CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - identifying & working to change negative self-talk & how you view yourself which affects your mind, emotions & behavior on a day to day basis. We can guide you on how to change creating insight by being aware of your thoughts which can direct you to a sense of happiness. Our approach entails empowerment and growth so you can have the tools necessary to accomplish mental health and wellness. Together we can do this.

Ms. Vatia Collins

Dedicated Counseling Services

By combining dedicated counselling services with complementary alternative therapies, my approach helps you realign mind, body, and spirit. I utilise a variety of processes along with therapies to fully consider how your thoughts and feelings can affect your physical health, as well as exploring how the body can help to heal the mind. Looking at all aspects of your life, your spirituality and your aura, I approach good mental health with an open mind and an open heart.

Speedy & Affordable Service

One of the biggest problems I encounter when I discuss stress with my clients is time. It can be so hard to carve out some 'me time' in your hectic schedule, but that doesn't mean it isn't important. I've perfected the art of the speedy de-stress, and I have an amazing range of express services that can help you find some balance in this fast-paced world. Don't let time be your enemy – let's work together to find you some much-needed inner peace.



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