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Ms. Stephanie Massiah has been a dedicated counselor and an incredible resource for individuals and their families for over 15 years.

She noticed a substantial need for services and resources within the youth population, hence compelling her to become a School Counselor for the NYC Department of Education. Ms. Massiah graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a B.A degree in Health and Human Services. She obtained a Masters degree in Counseling from Mercy College. She currently has her Advanced Certification in Mental Health Counseling. Ms. Massiah is passionate about helping individuals and their families and wants to assist with having a positive impact in the community.

Ms. Jasmine Cruz is a licensed school counselor and has been working with adolescents, young adults, and their families for over 20 years. She received her Master’s in School Counseling and, currently, is pursuing her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

In her current work, she has used her training to help students navigate the diverse challenges that they face on a daily basis. She has advised students on their emotional and behavioral development. Helping her students succeed is of utmost concern. Ms. Cruz’ commitment to the Department of education and non-profit organizations has given her the opportunity to work with individuals from various walks of life. She has seen firsthand the challenges presented by the population she serves.

Ms. Cruz has provided individuals with one to one counseling, as well as facilitated group therapy in hopes that her clients develop communication and social skills. Her listening skills has allowed her clients to express their issues and accept criticism from others in the group. Her desires to assist others came from the struggles and challenges she was exposed to and how her own childhood pressures, expectations, and tragedies molded her into the adult she has become.

Ms Cruz’ compassion as an active listener, especially to those individuals whose issues fall on deaf ears, has always been her biggest asset. This has been a great motivation for her in helping individuals to succeed.


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