Self Care Products

Self Care Box Package

Self-care in a box. Discover 3 therapist curated products to encourage self-love. Includes aromatherapy candle, steamer, and positive energy jewelry. Over $45 in retail value.

Handmade Vegan Essential Oil Aromatherapy Shower Tablet Bath Steamer

Handmade aromatherapy shower steamer infused with essential oils to relax, energize, uplift, enchant, de-stress and soothe your soul.

Natural Obsidian Stone Tiger

Tiger’s Eye is the ideal stone for cultivating a productive mindset, motivating you to chase down your goals relentlessly.

Handmade Natural Organic Scented Candle

This Wisdom & Intuition Enchanted Soy Candle is infused with fruit and flower scent, to help give you insight, strength and good judgment in your everyday life. 


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