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Mrs. Stephanie Massiah-Luzunaris

Life is not easy, it is full of joy, pain, sadness, obstacles, and successes and everyone has a story to tell. You may be looking for relief from life’s daily stressors, anxiety, or trauma. Please know there is hope. Together, through counseling, you can begin to feel better in times like these as well as other transitions in your life so you can begin a fresh path.

We implement CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - identifying & working to change negative self-talk & how you view yourself which affects your mind, emotions & behavior on a day to day basis. We can guide you on how to change creating insight by being aware of your thoughts which can direct you to a sense of happiness. Our approach entails empowerment and growth so you can have the tools necessary to accomplish mental health and wellness. Together we can do this. 

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